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  • How does InstaIndex index pages?
  • How to set up auto-indexing?
  • Why does InstaIndex ask for Owner permission?

    We understand it seems a bit intrusive to ask for Owner permission. However, for a service account to be able to submit pages for indexing and check the status of a page on your behalf, it needs Owner permission and none of the lower permission suffices.

    About the security implications of this permission: Please rest assured that the service account cannot be used to login to your Google Search Console. Its purpose is only to do automatic tasks which are submitting pages for index in this case.

  • What does "Awaiting Status" mean?

    This means we do not know the indexing status of these pages yet. Google’s API has a limit of 2000 on the number of pages we can monitor daily. Therefore if you have a large site, it may take a few days for us to fully process all of your pages.

  • What does "Likely Indexed" mean?

    Using Google Search Console analytics data, we can whether a page receives any search impressions. Any page having at least one impression is labeled as "Likely Indexed". The indexing status of such page will be updated once we obtain its actual status via Google’s API.

  • What is the difference between manually submitted pages and auto-index pages?
  • How many pages can I index?

    It depends on your plan. If you have a large site or multiple of them, choosing a higher subscription plan will allow your sites to be indexed much faster.

    With every batch of 200 quota, we provide you with a dedicated service account just for you. This service account acts on your behalf within Google Search Console to index pages. You can read more about how the quota of service account works here.

  • How can I update my sitemaps?
    1. Navigate to Google Search Console (GSC).
    2. Select the appropriate site property from the top-left dropdown.
    3. In the left-side menu, click "Sitemaps".
    4. Fill in the complete sitemap URL in the provided form and click "Submit".
    5. Return to the site’s page on InstaIndex. All of your sites can be viewed in Dashboard.
    6. Click “Re-sync sitemaps”.
  • How long does it take for pages to be indexed?

    Pages usually get indexed within the first 24 hours after submitted to Google, and in many cases, within just a few hours. However, there may be some rare cases that it will take longer for Google to index.

    One more thing to note: the actual Google Search Console (GSC) indexing report updates every 3-4 days, not daily . So, even if your pages have been successfully indexed, they won't immediately appear in the GSC report until the next update.