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InstaIndex helps you get your pages automatically indexed by Google within 24h. You focus on making great contents, leave the indexing tasks for us!


Get your pages indexed, guaranteed!
We use the official Google Indexing API to tell Google to index your pages. Therefore, as long as your pages are available publicly, we guarantee they will get indexed within 24h.

No learning curve
Our platform is super easy to use with detailed instructions along the way. After a brief 1-minute setup, you can sit back and let us handle all the indexing tasks automatically.

Built by Googlers for SEO professionals
Founded by 2 former Search engineers at Google, we incorporate all of our expertise about how Google indexing works into our platform. Our goal is to turbo-charge your SEO!


Get indexed, drive traffic!

It's no secret that if a page is not indexed by Google, it won't show up in any search results. This means no impression or click from organic users. Therefore, after making great contents, getting them indexed is the most important step in your SEO workflow.



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Bulk indexing requests with a single click

Our platform allows you to submit up to 1000 daily indexing requests, depending on your subscription plan. No more having to manually submit pages to Google Search Console one by one and being restricted to 10 requests per day.

Let us take care of SEO so you can focus on other important tasks.

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Auto-indexing new pages

Set up auto-indexing for your sites once and we will automatically index all pages in your sitemap, including the newly added ones in the future. Basically you set up once and never have to worry about indexing again.

We will email you everyday with the list of recently indexed pages.



Getting Started

Take your SEO to the next level with just 4 simple steps

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1. Sync with Google

Login with your Google account to have all of your sites automatically synced from Google Search Console.

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2. Enable Sites

Enable sites that you would like to have their pages indexed. These sites’ sitemaps will be synced and you will be able to view their latest indexing status.

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3. Grant Permissions

Add your dedicated Google service accounts as the Owner of your sites. This allows us to submit pages to Google for indexing on your behalf.

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4. Start Indexing

Start indexing by either manually submitting batch of pages for indexing or setting up auto-index. We will notify you when the new pages are indexed.




Free trial for 3 days. Cancel anytime. Terms apply.

Save up to 30% with an annual plan
3 sites
Index up to 200 pages per day
Select Plan
Most Popular
10 sites
Index up to 400 pages per day
Select Plan
20 sites
Index up to 600 pages per day
Select Plan
50 sites
Index up to 1000 pages per day
Select Plan
These prices have not included 10% taxes. If you are a student/educator, email us for special discounts.
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All plans come with access to these features:

Bulk Indexing Requests

Submit a batch of pages, either manually or from sitemap, to Google for indexing with just a click of a button.

Daily Sitemap Sync

We sync with your sitemaps daily to get the most up-to-date list of pages for your website. You can also initialize the sync manually within the Dashboard.

Auto Indexing

Set up an indexing quota for any of your sites and we will progressively auto-submit all pages in your sitemaps. Since we keep in sync with your sitemaps, this means the new pages that are added to the sitemaps will be automatically indexed.

Monitor Indexing Status

View and manage all your sites in one dashboard. We check for the index status of 2,000 pages for each of your site each day so that you can easily track your sites' indexing performance.

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